Asthma Natural Cures
Asthma is a breath stealing, chest tightening, nervous feeling that many
people suffer from in which the triggers are sometimes not even noticed.
Dust, pollen, stress, and exercising can all trigger asthma. Make sure to
keep your house clean by vacuuming weekly and keeping your sheets and
pillows clean.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke- Exposure to cigarettes may hinder your breathing
and cause mucus to build up in the lungs.

Know Asthma Attack Inducers- Some foods have been known to trigger
asthma attacks. Try to identify what foods may be triggering yours. Seafood,
milk, and eggs are a common few.

Also, sulfite containing foods (a food preservative) and artificial coloring
products have been linked to triggering asthma attacks.

The Coffee Cure- Caffeine can diminish asthma attacks by widening the
blood vessels in your lungs.

Avoid Alcohol to Avoid Asthma- Some of the substances in alcohol drinks
may make people that are sensitive to sulfite become short on breath
almost immediately.

The Cold Bath Cure- A cold bath or shower has been shown in studies to
ease asthma symptoms. Just a 1 minute bath or shower can have great
benefits to ones breathing and can diminish frequency of asthma attacks.
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