Acne Natural Cures
Acne is most common during adolescence, affecting more than 85% of
teenagers, and frequently continues into adulthood.

Some Primary causes of Acne are:

-Bacteria within the pores

-Skin irritation/scratching

-Hormonal activity

-Exposure to certain chemicals


Cure Acne Using Lemons- Apply lemon juice 2-3 times a day to the acne.

The Cucumber Cure- Sliced cucumber placed over acne infested areas have
shown to greatly benefit complexion. Its consistent use has shown to prevent
further acne and pimple outbreaks.

The Garlic Cure- Massage sliced garlic into the acne infested area 3-5 times
a day. This has shown great success for the ridding of acne, boils, and

Change Your Makeup to Prevent Acne- Oil based makeup is a common
cause of acne. The easiest solution to this is to find a makeup that isn't oil
based. But regardless of the makeup you choose to use, the less of it you
use the less likely you will fall victim to acne.

Use a Mild Soap on Acne- Strong chemical-based soaps will do a great job
in removing germs and bacteria, but will dry out and destroy your skin in the
process. Try to use a more natural-based soap that is gentler on your skin.
When applying the soap and washing with it, you should wash in soft, circular
motions rather than vigorous rubbing.

Rinse Acne Thoroughly- After washing your face, you should spend an extra
couple of minutes just removing any soap that may have remained on your
face. Doing so will prevent the soap from drying up or irritating your skin.

Squeeze Pimples Carefully- Most often, a pimple should be left alone to let
nature take its course. However, a pimple with a central yellow pus head can
be gently squeezed to release its pus. Doing so can allow the pimple to heal
more quickly

Using Toothpaste to Rid of Acne- Toothpaste, when applied to acne, can
work effectively as a drying agent. Apply the toothpaste to acne infested areas
prior to bedtime every day. You should not apply the toothpaste to your entire
face, only to acne or pimples. Too much toothpaste can dry out healthy skin.
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